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Spin and Fitness classes at NuFitPros in Pasadena


NuFitPro in Pasadena, CA is not your typical gym but a, fitness center offering Spinning classes as well as Strength and Balance classes for overall mind and body health.
Your personal training program will include: Strength Training, Cardiovascular training, science based core training, balance and flexibility training, as well as nutrient intake counseling .
Your physical fitness program will include the use of kettle bells, battle ropes, free weights, medicine balls
and more to bring variety to your training experience.
Spin and Strength and Balance classes are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals by guiding you through a variety of science backed strength and endurance exercises.
NuFitPro in Pasadena,CA is your go to place for safe and effective physical training. From beginner to advanced, all skill levels are welcome. One on one and small group sessions available for personal training services by appointment only. 

Training sessions are coached by Rod Miller ACE certified personal trainer and Johnny G certified spin coach. Rod  Miller has been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for  over a decade and continues to ensure his clients are advantaged by his  knowledge and enthusiasm. Rod's first professional post was to work  as a spin instructor for World Gym. Over the course of the ensuing years  Rod branched out to share his expertise with clients, both corporate  and private, while still growing his professional knowledge and  certification base. Certifications include; Johnny G Star 3 spinning,  ACE personal trainer, TRX suspension trainer, Tabata Bootcamp coach,  Functional Movement Screening (FMS), Spencer Mat Pilates, AFNA  kettlebell and AFNA metabolic calorie planning coach. Rod has been guest speaker for Kaiser Permanente and Kiwanis Club, on the subject of, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Rod  continues to progress his passion for fitness and his enthusiasm for  helping is clients achieve and maintain and often exceed their fitness  goals. 

TRX training at NuFitPro

TRX training at NuFitPro

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