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Training with Rod has helped me to reach and exceed my weight loss and body
composition goals. I have more strength and endurance and I am excited to

pursue new challenges and conquer old challenges.

Lisa B


Since training with Rod Miller for just over a year, I have lost 20 pounds
and kept them off – and have decreased my fasting blood sugar from
pre-diabetic to normal levels, well below 100. I have gone down 1-2
clothing sizes and am much stronger.  My muscle mass has increased by a
few percentage points and my BMI has gone down a few points as well.  I
have much more cardiovascular endurance.  At my annual physical this
month my doctor noted that my good cholesterol was significantly higher
and the bad cholesterol lower than a year before – none of that was due
to dietary changes targeting cholesterol, so my doctor thinks exercise
played the largest role.  Overall, Rod Miller has made me and my doctor
very happy :)

Amy Weingartner

"Rod is both a great trainer and someone who is fun to hang out with. I’ve
trained with Rod for the last 2 years and have had great results:
improved muscle definition and greater strength. I am generally not a
fan of lifting weights, but Rod makes it both challenging and fun. I
highly recommend his services.”

Paul Pastor

“Rod is a fantastic personal trainer. I have been working with him for the
better part of a year. He is an excellent motivator and knows how to mix
things up with current fitness trends and old school techniques. I  highly recommend
Rod as a personal trainer.“

Patrick Harder


Spinning is a great way to burn some serious calories. Nufitpro offers convenient hours and Rod is an amazing instructor. He is knowledgeable, empowering, and fun... his music is a plus.

Emy P.


Rod is an excellent personal trainer/spinning class instructor. His experience and knowledge in fitness and nutrition will help take your fitness goals to another level. I've have been training with Rod for several years now and I'm so glad to have found him. I highly recommend! Thank you Rod for helping me achieving my fitness goals.

Maria M.


Spin classes at Nufitpro is the greatest investment i have made in a while. Not only do you get a great deal compared to other gyms, you get a terrific instructor. Rod is just simply incredible. The perfect combination of experience, detailed, motivating and is an overall good soul.

I am preparing for ACL recontruction surgery, Rod knowing this has gone out of his way to make sure i am prepared, assisting with building my leg strength to help with my recovery.

I am not going to lie, Rod will work you hard, but because he takes the time to know you on a personal level he recognizes your limits. His job is not to punish you, his philosphy is train smart and assist you with reaching your goals at your pace. However, in the event you need a good asskicking, he can help you out with that. TAP TO THE RIGHT!

Ulysses D.


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